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The Civil Procedure Law Amended

“The Law that made the amendment on the Civil Procedure Law (Law Number 7251) and Some Laws” was published in the Official Gazette dated July 28, 2020. With the aforementioned Law, important amendments were made to the Civil Procedure Law..

Arrest of Ships Under Turkish Law

      1.   Right to Claim Arrest Order  The circumstances and criteria to arrest a ship are regulated in the fifth book, section eight of the Turkish Commercial Code (“TCC”). Thus, to arrest a ship, T..

COVID-19: Force Majeure Under Turkish Law

The COVID-19 pandemic, emerged in Wuhan, China in December 2019, which spread rapidly and affected the entire world, also shows its effects within the borders of Turkey. While the pandemic changes daily life completely, it also had significant effect..

COVID-19: Legal Time Limits Suspended

“Law on Amendments to Certain Laws” (“Law“) was published in the Official Gazette on March 26, 2020. With the provisional article added to the Law, legal time limits are suspended until April 4, 2020. You may find the Law f..

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